Our Carbon Footprint

Seevent Plastics has been fully committed to environmental practice for over 3 decades and this was highlighted In 2016, when we were asked to write about our Environmental practice for the ‘Parliamentary Review’.

We are all aware that sustainable manufacturing is becoming an essential element of the 21st Century business and never more so than within the packaging industry. Here at Seevent Plastics we adhere to the environmental management system BS EN ISO 14001 accreditation, this enables us to analyse our business in a structured manner and identify all areas for improvement.

Reducing our impact on the environment is paramount in everything we do, our own waste is recycled, we re-use pallets and plastic cores, use Bio Solvents in our print, derived from sustainable sources, and manufacture packaging from ‘virgin’ material ensuring all our bags are 100% recyclable. However, there is always more you can do and Seevent Plastics will continue to invest time and money seeking out new materials and technologies to achieve a greener environment for all.

Since April 2022, we have reduced the amount of Co2 produced in our manufacturing by 5,670 tons. This has been achieved in conjunction with our supply chain, more efficient manufacturing processes and our customers using Post-Consumer Recycled products.

100% Recyclable

Seevent Plastics has been manufacturing heavy duty plastic packaging for over 30 years. Our innovative Xtrastrong range is 100% recyclable, ISO accredited and was developed to reduce the weight of packaging waste without compromising on strength. One of the strongest blends on the market, Xtrastrong is ideal for use in a diverse range of industries.

Recycled Content

The UK uses over 2 million tonnes of plastic packaging each year and typically it is only used for a short period of time before it is disposed of, with the vast majority made from new, rather than recycled plastic.  In 2018 the Government launched an investigation into single-use plastics and from 2022 a new ‘Plastic Packaging Tax’ may be introduced. This tax is designed to ensure packaging contains at least 30% of recycled content, which will re-use waste in the manufacture of new goods, reducing the need to rely on raw materials and ultimately reducing landfill.

It is always important to us as a company, as individuals and as customers ourselves, to do our part in protecting the environment and reduce our own carbon footprint and if possible to help others reduce theirs. Therefore, when the Government launched this investigation, Seevent Plastics was immediately on board and started sourcing a quality supply of recycled material which would not compromise our high strength packaging. Working with these partners and carrying out stringent testing we have now developed our blends to incorporate at least 30% and even up to 100% of recycled content in most of our films.

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